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Good Skin Health: Foods To Boost Protein Production

Collagen is a massive protein that is used to make the conjunction tissue, which in turn keeps all the other tissues at once. Collagen is current in, blood, muscles, bones, joints, and cartilages. It is the major protein for healthy-looking skin, as it gives it elasticity and strength. Hyaluronic makes up a third of the total body protein. As we grow older,

Our operation starts to slow down, and this processes the production of hyaluronic too. Our “modern lifestyles “of high sugar foods, pollution, smoking, and excessive sun exposure all have a harmful effect on hyaluronic production. With a decrease in collagen, the skin begins to sag and wrinkle, joints become rigid and painful and bones become more breakable.

Structure and Function of Hyaluronic for Skin Health:

Collagen is complex hyaluronic that is made up of long fibers. The amino acids that make collagen include Glycine, Proline, Hydroxyproline, and Arginine. Protein forms a fibrous network of cells in the middle layer of the skin -Dermis.

New cells grow on this network and as collagen-making declines, the skin loses its shape and starts to sag. Collagen is obviously found mostly in animal proteins; however, plant foods contain a number of important nutrients that help collagen production in our body




There are 20 amino acids that make up all the hyaluronic in our body. Of these, 9 are tag essential as they are not constructed in our body and need to be gobbled through our food. Amino acids are the main to produce collagen and are abundantly found in protein-rich foods like poultry, meats,  legumes like peanuts and Tofu, cottage cheese, soy proteins, organ meats, fish, and dairy.


The vitamin regulates the synthesis of Collagen. In insertion, vitamin C is a strong antioxidant, and its role in maintaining and further skin health is well set down. A daily basis helps keep not just healthy skin, but also a powerful immune system. Vitamin C is abundant in citrus fruits, papaya, green leafy vegetables, tomato, berries, and red and yellow peppers.


The mineral required in small amounts is a censorious nutrient for collagen production. It boosts production, repairs cells and shields against damage. It also starts out the proteins for collagen genesis. Oysters, dairy, pumpkin seeds, and cashew nuts are some of the best sources of zinc.




It helps in protein production by activating enzymes that boost the manufacture of amino acid – Proline present in collagen. Needed in small quantity, Manganese is found in foods like whole grains, nuts, legumes, brown rice, leafy vegetables, and spices




It works by operating enzymes that are required for collagen production; these enzymes also help connect collagen fibers with other fibers, creating a wireframe that supports tissues. Whole grains, beans, nuts, shellfish, organ meats, green leafy vegetables, and dried prunes are all good sources of copper.

Collagen Supplementation:


We have a deal of collagen in our body, but the preference to look young forever, or to keep a healthy glowing skin has given rise to some collagen addition. Some studies have shown beneficial results of collagen for strength in people with degenerative and for athletes.

A study produce in the Journal Nutrients in 2018, showed that the utilization of collagen Peptides better the hydration, elasticity, and wrinkling of a person’s skin. Collagen supplements as separate are also available on the market

Should we then take the easy way out? Technical research and data over the century have proven that taking minerals in their natural form is far more beneficial for the overall health of our body.

The addition is alright for a short period under professional guidance, but is never the answer to healthy, well-balanced food made with fresh ingredients.

Skin health is also an outcome of

  •  7-9 hours of sound sleep
  •  Exercise
  • Stress control
  • Avoiding Smoking

 Want healthy, glowing skin?


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